Andrew Schultz


Andrew received a bachelor’s degree in biology and neuroscience from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he studied neurochemistry underlying feeding behavior using pharmacological methods and brain regions associated with circadian rhythm regulation in rodents. Following undergrad, he moved to Denver, CO and worked as a research associate at a private institution aimed at leveraging renal, cardiac, and diabetic disease models in rodents for the discovery of novel therapeutics and drugs. Since then, Andrew has completed a master’s degree in neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal. There, he investigated the role of NMDA receptors in structural remodeling and gene expression via two-photon imaging and RNA-seq, respectively, in the Xenopus retinotectal circuit. Now at UW-Madison pursuing a PhD in pharmacology, Andrew aims to use electrophysiology and functional imaging to better understand the role of excitatory neurotransmission and calcium signaling in retinal computation. Being a Wisconsin native, Andrew enjoys snowboarding and fishing, and of course, cheese and a nice cold craft beer.