Lab News

Collaborative study on GABA receptor switch during retinal development accepted in Current Biology  ! 

July, 2021

Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting collaborative study between the Hoon and Sinha Labs!

Juan joins the lab  ! 

July, 2021

Juan Zuniga recently completed his undergraduate studies in UChicago with a major in neurobiology. He joins our lab as a research intern. Welcome Juan!

Kainat joins the lab  ! 

May, 2021

Kainat Mian is an undergrad double majoring in Neurobiology and Life Science Communications at UW Madison. She joins our lab to explore her research interests in retinal signaling. Welcome Kainat!

Jenna’s first author paper in eLife is out  ! 

April, 2021

Congratulations!! Please click on the link below to learn about the role of presynaptic inhibition in synapse and circuit function in the retina.

Abhilash’s first author paper in Cell Reports is out  ! 

Feb, 2021

Congratulations!! Please click on the link below to know more about novel mixed GABA-Glycine synapses in the retina.

Sapan joins the lab  ! 

Nov, 2020

Sapan Gupta is a recent UW Madison graduate in computer science. He joins our lab to help us with our software needs for electrophysiology and two-photon imaging.

Serial block face SEM installation in progress at WIMR!

July, 2020

Abhilash receives the 2020 Kenzi Valentyn Vision Research Award from the

McPherson Eye Research Institute

May, 2020

Paul awarded a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship

May, 2020

Aindrila joins the lab for PhD ! 

Feb, 2020

Aindrila Saha, a student in cellular and molecular biology graduate program joins the lab for PhD thesis research.   

Preview by A. Sampath and Y.R. Peng of our Neuron paper ! 

Jan, 2020

LRRing the Rules: Synapse Organization in the Primary Rod Pathway.

Paper out in Neuron ! 

Jan, 2020

Role of a synaptic adhesion molecular, LRRTM4, in retinal synapse function and assembly.

Jenna joins the lab for PhD ! 

Jan, 2020

Jenna Nagy, a student in cellular and molecular pathology graduate program joins the lab for PhD thesis research.   

A Preview by Raunak in Biophysical Journal 

Dec, 2019

Shining light on the mode and mechanism of vesicular release at rod photoreceptor synapse

Raunak receives endowed professorship 

Nov, 2019

Raunak appointed the first David and Nancy Walsh Family Professor in Vision Science at UW Madison

Abhilash receives poster prize

Oct, 2019

Abhilash receives runner-up prize in the poster competition at the annual MERI vision science poster session

Sinha Lab is awarded a research grant from The Alcon Research Institute! 

July, 2019

Paul receives a Sophomore Research Fellowship

May, 2019

         Paul’s application was selected to receive a 2019-2020 Sophomore Research Fellowship at UW Madison. Paul receives his award from the UW Madison Chancellor Dr. Rebecca Blank.


A multi-PI effort led by Mrinalini Hoon receives a

UW2020 award for a serial block face SEM

May, 2019

A collaborative effort (including Raunak as a Co-PI) led by Mrinalini Hoon (Dept. of Ophthalmology) receives funding from the UW2020 WARF Discovery Initiative for acquiring a serial block face scanning electron microscope.

Xiao graduates ! 

May, 2019

Xiao graduates with a degree in Computer Science from UW Madison. He will soon be moving to Japan to pursue a career in software development. Thanks Xiao for all your contributions.

Sinha Lab is awarded a research grant from The BrightFocus Foundation! 

April, 2019

Image result for BrightFocus logo

Sinha Lab is awarded a research grant from

The E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind, Inc.! 

Jan, 2019

An Innovative Approach To Vision Research

Paul joins the Lab ! 

Jan, 2019

Paul J Derr is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Neurobiology and Psychology. He is  interested in understanding how biophysical mechanisms in the retina ultimately result in a holistic perception.

Blue cone signaling paper out in eLife ! 

Jan, 2019

          Study illustrating how blue cone photoreceptors differ from red and green cones in their response

properties out in eLife (link)

Abhilash wins Poster Prize !

Oct 16, 2018

         Abhilash is the runner up in Poster Presentation Competition at the 10th annual McPherson Eye Research Institute Vision Science poster session. 

Xiao joins the Lab ! 

Sept, 2018

Xiao Zhang is doing his undergraduate studies at UW Madison and majoring in Computer Science. He will help us with our software needs for electrophysiology and two-photon imaging.

Vrushali leaves for post-doc at NIH !

Aug, 2018

Thank you Vrushali for all your help in setting up Sinha and Hoon Lab. She joins the NIH/NEI for a post-doctoral position.

Our first electrophysiology rig takes shape !

Aug, 2018

Two-photon laser and the microscope get installed. Now the work begins.

Austin joins the Lab !

Aug, 2018

Austin joins us from Colorada as a Research Specialist who will help us with both lab and research work

Yash joins the Lab !

May, 2018

Yash Gokhale is doing his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering and is interested in studying signal processing. 

Vrushali joins the Lab !

May, 2018

Vrushali Agashe recently completed her PhD thesis at UW Madison in Immunology and joins our lab as a Research Specialist. 

Abhilash joins the Lab !

April, 2018

Abhilash Sawant, a PhD student in the Physiology training program joins the Sinha Lab for his thesis work on understanding the role of synaptic inhibtion in retinal function. He will be co-mentored by Mrinalini Hoon in the Dept. of Ophthalmology at UW Madison.