Department of Neuroscience

Aindrila Saha


Aindrila is a student in the Cellular and Molecular Biology program at UW Madison. Her PhD thesis project is to understand photoreceptor signaling in the retina. She is looking at how biophysical properties of photoreceptors across the visual field contribute to their differences in function.

Aindrila did her Master’s in India at NISER, Bhubaneswar, where she studied the role of altered exposures to light and dark conditions affect the physiology, behavior and gut microbiota in mice. She was also a Khorana scholar during which she studied HCN-EAG chimera channels in Baron Chanda’s lab at UW Madison. As a HHMI Undergraduate Scholar, she trained in patch-clamp electrophysiology and confocal microscopy studying the primary cilium at David Clapham’s laboratory at HHMI in Janelia Farm.

Outside the lab, Aindrila enjoys cooking, painting, exploring American culture and keeping connected to her parents and friends back in India.