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Human stem cell retina

Cone photoreceptor retina

Cone photoreceptors

Retinal output neurons

Retinal ganglion cells

Midget ganglion cell (on a cone array)

Central vs peripheral vision

Photons, Neurons and Retinal Circuit Function

Our lab studies how cellular, synaptic and circuit-level mechanisms mediate sensory processing in the retina that ultimately lead to visual perception. We pose this question in species that have varied retinal specializations and rely on vision to different degrees. We utilize electrophysiological recording and optical imaging to assay neuronal function. We correlate single cell activity with detailed anatomical analysis using light and electron microscopy. We use genetic tools to perturb cell function, express fluorescent probes, map retinal circuits and identify molecular mechanisms shaping cellular processes.



   Sensory transduction

Linking photoreceptor function to G-protein signaling cascade

Neuronal Function

Functional diversity of retinal neurons across types and across visual field

Cellular and Circuit Mechanisms

Mechanisms shaping diverse retinal computations